If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had the following ‘debate’ multiple times on the internet:

Me: “I’m happy X got banned from Twitter. All they did was incite hatred.”

Him/her: “I believe in free speech. Censorship is bad.”

Me: “But he was infringing on the rights of others to feel safe and spreading hateful rhetoric.”

Him/her: “Free speech is the cornerstone of any healthy society. I may disagree with what someone is saying, but I will defend to the death their right to say it.”

Before you ask, no, I’m 90% certain none of them have actually read Voltaire…

Incels. By now, most of us have heard about them. Following the 2014 Isla Vista killings by Eliot Rodger, and the discovery of his manifesto wherein he outlines his extremely misogynistic views, the world was suddenly confronted with an ideology of which they had, until then, very little knowledge of. Public scrutiny only increased after the Toronto van attack by Alek Minassian, who stated that the ‘incel rebellion had started’.

Now, a lot has been written about incels since then. Most of the writing has focused on their highly misogynistic views on women, and rightfully so: it is by far…

The Alt-Right has a very insidious habit of re-naming things to make them seem less threatening. For instance, a group going out and shouting Nazi slogans and doing Hitler salutes calls itself the ‘alt-right’, even though we already had a far more accurate name for these types of groups. And unfortunately, this strategy has proven to be frighteningly effective when we look at today's discourse, wherein the alt-right is all but accepted as a regular political movement.

It is to no surprise, then, that the alt-right has traveled back in time to revisit some old ‘scientific’ theories, and brought them…

Let’s pretend none of us know a single thing about the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. Actually, I suppose that’s true for a lot of you out there. Anyways, you, a bright, eager seeker of wisdom, sets out to learn a bit more about Sinterklaas, to educate yourself about Dutch culture. Interesting, it’s a celebration of Saint-Nicholas. Well, he was a fine enough fella! Huh, dear old Santa Claus is directly derived from Sinterklaas? Who knew! Ah, look at the faces of all those sweet children, eagerly awaiting their presents. Guess it really is a lot like Christmas, huh? What’s that? Sinterklaas…

That the alt-right has a somewhat disturbing fetish towards Asia, and more specifically Asian women, is well known. Despite their rejection of immigration and outright hostility towards foreigners, leading alt-right figures are repeatedly seen with Asian girlfriends and wives, or having Asian characters tattooed on their bodies.

But this article will focus on one country in specific that has captivated alt-right members since the movement’s inception: Japan.

Now, white supremacist fascination with Japan is certainly no new occurrence. In World War Two, Nazi Germany’s foremost ally on the eastern front was Japan. However, it can be rather easily argued that…

My reason for writing this blog is that there is a lot of misinformation muddying the discourse when it comes to the subject of Gamergate, and the impact it has had on society. In large part this is due to lack of knowledge (or interest) in the subject by the general populace, but a fair share of it is also due to a deliberate campaign of misinformation waged by Gamergate supporters to try and draw people to their side. …

Since its inception in 2011, Twitch.tv has consistently remained one of the most popular games streaming platforms in the world. Especially after the fall of its main competitor Own3d.tv in 2013, Twitch has enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the global games streaming market. A look at it’s quarterly numbers for 2018 indicate that this freight train has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

Korin Sole

I write about stuff. Whatever’s on my mind. Feedback can be sent to b.a.botan92@gmail.com

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